Saturday, 2 October 2010

We Have Moved our Publication Site

Unfortunately Our website its still static.  You will find all our shops and information about us but  its all there is for the moment. 

We are extremely busy developing a few new series as well as attending to the pouring orders.

We are the Creators of T-shoppers, The Eco-Friendly shopping bag everyone is talking about.

As we do embroidery we have an immense range of Personalized creations, and we accommodate corporate & wholesale orders @ very competitive prices.

We are also introducing Wool and Silk Luxury Felted soaps, which we also accommodate corporate and wholesale orders.  Please visit our gallery as we cover a wide range of materials & medias all Eco-friendly Created.

One of Our Passions is painting!! Yes!! but not any painting, we do Peelable Glass Paint from which we can reproduce any graphic, and it will stick to any smooth surface.  Better is we can do the same matching graphic in many other medias, such as embroidery.  Can you imagine Kitchen Tiles with matching tea towels, Aprons, curtains etc.?  Or Toilet Door sign with Matching Towels. 

On the painting passion, we represent a Portuguese Painter-Ana Cristina Dias aka ACD, feel free to get in touch should you wish to acquire any of her paintings, or you would like to see her work showed at your Gallery or Art Exposition

Almost forgot our Famous VOODOO DOLLS already on the 3rd edition.

We are only limited to your imagination, we promote and welcome fully customized orders. Contact us with your ideas, all projects will be given extensive consideration.

In addition we have a dedicated department to Craft Supplies, we import Silk waste from India and source others from various parts around the country and worldwide.

Now, being this busy does not allow to have a nice tidy and updated Blog, instead we are now Authors @ , We wright reviews, and have a Weekly Post on Portuguese Cuisine