Monday, 13 April 2009


Add VideoGood Afternoon everyone!!!!!

Hope you all had a great Easter!!!! Mine was lovely,as usal with the house full of my children, their families and my sister and her Family. It was a JOY, and will cost me another few pounds from all the Sweets.

But as I use to say, we all go to the same place afterwards, so lets enjoy life to the full with chocolate and all!!!


Please whatch the video bellow.

(I hate chains that come through email, and I often get upset cause the closest people, knowing I hate them they still send it.)

Having said all this, I am very emotional and I often cry for peopes disgraces and miseries, JADE GOODY, for instance was a role mother for me and she was brought up to this world to make a difference, so, for a higher purpose!!!!!! Even so, I was never able to fully read the news paper stories, (I collected them all, even the stupid Hello! magazine who published a tribute with the poor girl alive.), but I have cried rivers, as a mother................Bless her!!!!

NOW, for me to bring this video to you, its because its good!!!! and again made my eyes water, and suspended my breath..........

Are we doing this? YES!! WE ARE!!!!!!!! and I think we are entitled to kill ourselves, but are we entitled to do this................?(see video bellow). We are certanly not.............

Peace and Love to all!!!

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