Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Need A Lucky Penny ?

*Lucky Penny*

Do you always end up spending your Lucky Penny? Not anymore!!!

It’s stuffed with a penny, (GBP), and Organically Home Grown Lavender. So you never part with your penny again, and the Calming sent of Lavender will fragrance the surrounding area, your bag, pocket, drawers etc. If you have money worries, rub it while reflecting and the scent will open your mind. Every time you squeeze the FOB, the Lavender Scent will be released.

Lavender has been used for thousands of years for its calming, peaceful, and sedating effects. It is often included in love remedies and rituals because of its attractive scent, and is used as an ingredient in ailments for attracting money.

For attracting love, peace, Wealth and good health, place Lavender in a sachet to be carried on the person.

The Key FOBs are designed in a way, that you can just detached them and keep the lucky penny, (free of chains), in your wallet!! How is that for lucky? Or you can use them as a Travel Tag, (Address Tel. On the back), or as a Name Tag, (if found please call: On the back). The uses are infinite. Only limits to your imagination.

Now, Why not have it with your child’s name , your name, mum's name, granny's name, Lover's name Pet name, preferred Zen word etc. They can also be embroidered at the back, with further info. They will make great party bag fillers and or Wedding/Party Favours. Have your guests names embroidered in each. Be original, they will keep it forever.

Visit our shop, and search under Lucky Penny. Enjoy your Lucky Penny!!

P.S. We can do this with any currency coin, saint, or amulet. Just ask us for details.

Becky (:

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